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Don't Just Get Fit, Stay Fit!

fitness Jan 06, 2016

Six Ways to Get Fit and Stay Fit in 2016

This year when you make your New Year’s Resolutions, don’t limit yourself with goals like ‘lose ten pounds’ or ‘run a 5k’. The majority of gyms see a 25% increase in their memberships in January only to see their activity drop back down to normal by mid-February. Here’s how to keep from being another one of those storied ‘Black Friday’ February fitness casualties.

Set Realistic Resolutions

The biggest mistake people make when they set their New Year’s Resolutions is forgetting that change doesn’t happen overnight. The key to setting an attainable goal is to welcome the idea of gradual change and building up to your finish line over the course of 12 months. So if you’ve never run a mile before, don’t hit the treadmill January 1 expecting to grind out your first practice 5k.

Put it in Writing

Writing down your resolutions and even better, posting them somewhere...

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When You Train Together, You Stay with It Longer

fitness Dec 30, 2015

Sports teams have a good idea when it comes to fitness. Group exercise is a great way to make the most of your commitment to getting in shape.

Spread the Cost

If you enjoy working out with a trainer but find committing hard because of the costs, group fitness is a great alternative. Group training allows you to afford multiple sessions for the price of one individual session, and is usually comparable per month to a gym membership. You can find group workouts to fit all types of money and time budgets, and often times your trainer will give you workouts to do on your off days by yourself, or with the other members of your group.

Be Accountable

When you have a group of people depending on you to show up, whether it is to even out numbers or your workout buddy is relying on you to help them kick it up a notch, you can’t let them down. Many times individuals can all too easily work themselves into a fitness rut by cutting corners when the motivation isn’t there that day,...

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The Hard Truths About Fitness

fitness Dec 23, 2015

Do you get discouraged when you don’t see results the next week? Have you tried fad diets only to watch all your weight come back? Is your boredom at the gym stifling your commitment? When it comes to evolving your body and your fitness, it pays to separate fact from fiction with some of these important truths for achieving a hard body.

Extreme Diets Are Dangerous

Shows like ‘The Biggest Loser’ have left viewers with the false hope in fast fixes like juicing, hours of cardio daily and restrictive eating. What these shows fail to show are the majority of their contestants that balloon back to their original weight within just months of filming. Many of these extreme diets are based on the false theory that your body needs help eliminating waste, sometimes referred to as ‘toxins’. Tactics for rapid weight loss often slow your metabolism, leading to future and more rapid weight gain; they deprive your body of nutrients and much needed hydration which can...

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Being Uncomfortable Is The Key To Improvement

fitness Sep 22, 2015

Being uncomfortable isn't, well, comfortable.

We're all developed in a way that makes us seek comfort, especially nowadays when there are numerous outlets that you can devout your energy towards aimlessly for the sake of feeling comfortable. But think about this for a second: how many people do you know -- both famous and in your personal life -- that have accomplished anything meaningful without purposely putting themselves in difficult, uncomfortable situations?

As people, we seek solace in situations that we're familiar with. Being in familiar situations can make you feel like you belong. Over time, though, that won't help you get any better.

By doing the things we're accustomed to, we often avoid that things we're not very familiar with. Why's that? Because we're scared of the unknown. We have mental blockages that deter you from doing things that will make you a much better person in the long run.

Most of the things I've mentioned thus far are certainly applicable to the gym as...

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Working Out Through Muscle Soreness: Do It

fitness Sep 18, 2015

"Hey, man. I cannot work out today. I went hard yesterday and now I'm too sore." We've all heard that excuse, and heck, we've all made it.

Muscle soreness, or the soreness that you feel hours (or even days) after a difficult workout, is actually called delayed onset muscle soreness. What does that mean? Well, you're getting stronger and you're sore as a result.

If you're lifting weights, you're going to be sore. Even as you increasingly become accustomed to lifting, the soreness will still be there (although it probably won't be as intense as it was when you first began). It's really inevitable. But that doesn't mean you should use it as an excuse to sit out of a workout.

In fact, most experts believe that it's better to continue working out while sore:

While it seems that you might be better off just leaving the affected areas alone, you would actually be wise to engage those muscles, just less than you did in the previous day’s training, but still enough to get oxygen and...

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Ways To Make Exercising Better: Join With A Friend

fitness Sep 13, 2015

Making the decision to live healthier is often a decision that's made individually. Simply put, no one is going to force you to work out. It's a decision that you'll have to make on your own.

With that said, if you're someone who wants to start working out on a regular basis, there's a decent chance that you're around people who think the same way. After all, we're likely to hang out with people who share similar beliefs. If you want to start living healthier, there's going to be people around you that want to do the same.

Working out alone could be tough. Joining a class will certainly make the situation better since you'll inevitably meet others, but going in there with a familiar face will make the experience that much better.

There are two people in the world that you can share awesome times with: family and friends. So, why not have them join you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle?

Having a workout partner, or friend that works out with you, will make the exercise part...

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No Stress Zone: Exercise To Feel Good

fitness Sep 08, 2015

A lot of times, people exercise with a goal in mind. While it's good to have an obtainable goal to work towards, it's also difficult to set those goals if you have a number of other difficult priorities. Those other priorities -- whether it's work, school or family -- could inevitably cause a lot of stress.

Stress is different for virtually everyone. We all look for different ways to relieve ourselves of the stress we endure. Education, sports, video games and all sorts of things can act as stress relievers. But, perhaps there's no better stress reliever than working out.

According to the American Psychological Association, more than half of working Americans say they're under a considerable amount of stress. That's...not good.

Stress can often cause other mental issues, and to stay on this subject, even obesity. People who are stressed out often engage in overeating to comfort themselves or find a place of solace eating unhealthy and not exercising. That can obviously lead to heart...

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Three Ways To Stop Late Night Eating

nutrition Aug 24, 2015

I recently wrote about simple ways to stop snacking. After writing that, I immediately realized that I did most of my snacking at night.

Most adults eat at least three meals a day -- breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, most people don't go to sleep early nowadays for a number of reasons, which could include working late in the day or having night classes.

With that said, by the time our day is "over", we've essentially finished eating. Breakfast was done in the morning, lunch sometime in the afternoon and dinner shortly after.

Unfortunately, your hunger (or craving to eat) could continue after you're done eating your primary meals. Late night snacking seems like an inevitability at that point, especially if you've had a long day. From personal experience, I've noticed that I rarely crave anything healthy late at night. With snacks available, that tends to be the go-to.

But, if you're going to eat before you go to bed, then you're more likely to put on weight since the choices...

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Three Ways To Avoid Snacking

nutrition Aug 17, 2015

There's really no other way to stay fit besides working out and eating healthy. While the former might seem difficult at first, working out could be easily implemented into your schedule. Once you start working out regularly, it becomes a part of your daily ritual and it's easy to become accustomed to it.

The latter, though, is a lot more difficult to maintain.

Eating healthy is tough. Let's face it: we all have cravings and desires to eat bad. The unhealthy food usually tastes better and it's much easier to acquire. I mean, there are fast food restaurants on virtually every corner.

It's difficult to eat healthy, but even that could be mastered once you grow used to it. Being conscious of what you're putting in your body for breakfast, lunch and dinner could be learned because it's only a few times a day. Snacking, however, is much more difficult and it's a dilemma that I've faced as well.

In between those meals, it's easy to start snacking on bad food that can up your carb count...

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Why Consistency Is Important For Working Out

fitness Aug 12, 2015

We've all met people who've went to the gym, but stopped. These people are awake right when the New Year begins -- when setting goals and not meeting them is apparently acceptable. Unfortunately, setting goals and not meeting them doesn't bode well for anything you do in life.

Simply put, if you want to obtain anything in the realm of fitness -- whether it's getting the beach body you desire or simply losing a few pounds -- you're going to need consistency. It's easy to be excited for the gym or your fitness routine when first starting out, but that luster wares off really quickly.

Regardless, you need to stay consistent if you want to meet any of your goals or fitness desires.

Here's why consistency is important for working out:

Set A Productive Trend

There's nothing worse than feeling unproductive. While we all want to sit at home, eat potato chips and watch Netflix all day, you're never going to get anything accomplished.

In order to avoid that unproductive tunnel of blah, I've...

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