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Why I drag my sorry butt out of bed at 5 am

fitness motivation Nov 01, 2017

The alarm clock comes on and at first I pretend I don’t notice.

I think that maybe, if I shut my eyes a little more tightly, it won’t really be true…

But then my mind begins to wake up, I start remembering the things I had planned for the day, and I manage to put both feet on the floor and shlep across the room and down the hall,  into the bathroom. 

Some days start like that. It doesn’t matter if the alarm comes on at 5 am or 8 am (8 am?? Let’s face it; that never happens!), it’s still a challenge to drag myself out of bed. Note to self: Instead of a nice comfy bed, get one with sandpaper on top of nails. It will be easier to get up.

I hit the snooze button a couple of times. 

I finally drag myself out of bed and slink into the bathroom in the dark, where I make myself as presentable as a zombie can be. I try not to bang around too much; the last thing I want to do is wake anyone else in the house or I’ll never get out the door.

You see, I have to head out and get my workout done first thing in the morning. 

I know I won’t do it later. 

One way I keep myself motivated to get up is to reward myself somehow when I am done exercising. Personally, I like to take a few minutes to have a nice cup of tea (or iced tea, if it’s a warm day). I enjoy the smell. It’s become a kind of trigger for a quiet, meditative moment; once I smell the tea, my mind gets to relax for a few minutes, before I dive into solving all the problems of the day. 

Another reason I like getting up early and exercising is because it’s a great start to my day. Before I have a chance to fall behind, I accomplish something challenging! 

Mentally, it’s a big boost. I know if I can get the day off to a good start, the rest is more likely to fall into place. It’s much better than sleeping in, then rushing around like a mad person, trying to catch up for the next five hours and still realizing I need to fit in a workout.

If I approach my day like that, I know the workout will never get done.

And of course, when I start my day with exercise, it means I get those endorphins coursing through my body. Endorphins are chemicals that diminish your perception of pain, and increase a feeling of euphoria. I don’t know about you, but I like starting my day with a bit of a natural high!

So if you’d like to have a chat with me about what your best morning routine might be, and get some help figuring out how to begin with a bang, I invite you to check out my website here and see what we do.

If it sounds interesting, then let’s connect and go over your routine to see when the best time to workout will be for you.


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